Monday, January 10, 2011

San Diego Trip

Got to San Diego on Friday and started things off right with some drinking games.
Chris Campbell, Alex, and Michael. Alex bought three bottles and a 30 pack for my bday!
Campbell crying after we made him drink.
Got drunk and headed to the gas station for some snacks and cigarettes.
Campbell and Shane.
Chris Shane and I with the homie picture, I'm soaked in alcohol as always.
Passin' the mixed drink.
Drunk ass Alex, Jesse, and Michael.
Michael, Alex, and I got a flip off in there also.
Campbell decided to be guest photographer for the blog.
He also got this gem. Alex caught in the act of squating.
Chris Shane with the "Go Pro" camera. He can't be filming on that hi-8 shit no more!
Chris and Chris.
Chris Shane trying to pretend he's sleeping so he can get the motorboat wake-up again.
Real talk.
Trying to hydrate a little before bedtime.
Jesse gettin' lucky.
All the fewls ditched me and went to Denny's. I guess Alex stole some hot sauce.
Skated Torey Pines manual pad.
Caught Michael with his pants down, click to enlarge and get a glimpse.
Three filmers. Jesse was lovin' every minute of it.
Frontside noseslide.
Found Bruce a girlfriend.
Handshake. Me and Michael debated stealing this dog the whole trip.
Smoke break after hardflipping the fourteen.
A bee came after me.
Got a picture of Michael with his cigarette. Mrs. Ericksons gon' be pissed!
Me and Michael premeditated this Mexican hot cheeto eating technique and Jesse came through.
This spot was skate-stopped but Michael came through with a shoulder slide down the set.
Chris Shane frazzled after me and Jesse held him up with a basketball session.
Downtown San Diego. Michael.
Jesse, Campbell, and Smolik.
Michael got last photo of the trip with a front board at the banjo-man's spot. "What are the banjo laws around here?"

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Vegas/Daves Wedding

Partied on the car ride up to vegas. Marcus Cookies couldn't hang.
Marks got experience in drinking and stayed up the whole way up.
Pringle and I during cheers to the governor.
Couldn't hang either.
Marcus psyched on arriving to Vegas.
The crew hangin'.
Marcus prior to losing 100 dollars in five minutes.
Party fewl.
Marcus Cookies.
Nervous Dave Smith.
The Smiths.
Steve dressed up outside of Caesar's.
Marty after "Shutting Down".
Group photo before karaoke. We sang "Tiny Dancer".
Smirnoff Price
Marty ordering Jager.
Steve pissing at the worst bar ever.
Casino Royale for some cheap drinks.